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The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Behind the Scenes With Troy: How Neal Brown Runs a Power 5 Giant-Killer (SI) Andy Staples went behind the scenes as Neal Brown and Troy made Nebraska their latest Power 5 victim.

DeSean Jackson: Don’t Bench Ryan Fitzpatrick When Jameis Winston Returns (Washington Post) “With the way the team is rallying behind him and just playing lights-out football, you have to kind of honor it. You can’t take the hot man out.”

Emmy Ratings Collapse (Deadline) Even with the return of blockbuster Game of Thrones to the competition and without having to face Sunday Night Football for the first time since 2014, the Emmys continued its ratings downturn.

Bert and Ernie Are Gay! Sesame Street Says They’re Not (TMZ) Battle brewing on Sesame Street as Bert and Ernie writer says the puppets are gay while the brass say they don’t have a sexual orientation.

Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearings (Outkick) Clay Travis spends yesterday’s Outkick the Show discussing the insanity surrounding Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the last-ditch attempt to derail the nomination.

‘ESPN doesn’t have a voice like mine’: Will Cain’s view from the right (Washington Post) Cain expressed admiration for Clay Travis, the controversial radio host who has relentlessly attacked ESPN’s politics while popularizing the “MSESPN” insult.

The Corporate Tax Cut Is Paying for Itself (WSJ) Faster-than-expected growth has produced a revenue windfall.

Buffalo Bills’ Sean McDermott has Best Odds to be First Head Coach Fired (NY Upstate) Sean McDermott has the best odds of being the first head coach fired this season.

N.F.L. Hall of Famers Demand Health Insurance and Share of Revenue (NYTimes) A group of Hall of Famers led by Eric Dickerson is demanding health insurance coverage and a share of N.F.L. revenues or else those former players will boycott the induction ceremonies.

The NFL Hall of Famers Really Screwed Up Their Big Announcement (Big Lead) Kurt Warner and Jerry Rice say their names shouldn’t have been on the letter.

Tampa Bay and Fitzmagic will win this Monday by double figures (Lock It In)

Bettor Thinks FanDuel Sportsbook Should Pay $82K Ticket (Sports Book Review) FanDuel’s position is that the 750 to 1 odds offered were a clear error.

CNN’s Jake Tapper Dedicates Segment to Trump’s Penis (Breitbart) CNN aired a segment about Stormy Daniels’ new book that described what Donald Trump’s genitals looks like. But whatever you do, don’t mention boobs.

Chaos or Not, Trump is Racking Up a Record of Foreign Policy Success (Washington Post) There may be chaos in the Trump White House, but so far at least the chaos is producing pretty good results.

Jameis Winston sued by Arizona Uber driver in alleged groping incident (Tampa Bay Times) Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston was sued Tuesday by the Arizona Uber driver who has accused him of sexual assault by groping her in March.



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