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The Daily Outkick: Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Clay Travis’ Book is Out Today (Amazon) Clay Travis’ new book “Republicans Buy Sneakers Too: How the Left Is Ruining Sports with Politics” is available today. Go buy it!

Monday Night Football: The Bucs Got the Full Ryan Fitzpatrick Experience (SBNation) Tampa Bay saw both Fiztragic or Fitzmagic Monday night against the Steelers.

Tiger Woods Drives Ratings Spike for NBC’s Golf Coverage (Hollywood Reporter) Woods’ first PGA Tour win in 5 years delivers biggest overnight numbers on record for Tour Championship.

Nobody Unites Sports Fans More than Tiger Woods (Outkick) Tiger Woods, like Michael Jordan a generation ago, enjoy unparalleled popularity because they dominate in their respective sport and don’t tell you how to vote.

Politics of Destruction: Second Kavanaugh Accuser Betrays Democratic Strategy of Character Assassination (WSJ) We warned Republicans not to fall for this politics of uncorroborated accusation, and perhaps now they understand that they are being played.

49ers-Chargers: No Garoppolo Means No Chance for Niners in L.A. (SportsBookReview) The San Francisco 49ers’ season just went into the toilet because quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been lost to a season-ending torn ACL.

In the N.F.L., ‘You Don’t Want to Be 0-3’ (New York Times) Between 2007 and 2017, 52 teams began the season 0-3, and none of them made the playoffs.

Clay Travis on Brett Kavanaugh Hearings: Stop the Identity Politics (Outkick) “We need to end the era we’re in where you deserve to be believed more because of your  race, sex, sexual orientation, or any other identifying characteristic.”

How Do NBA Franchises Spend Their Revenue? Team Executives Reveal Financial Info (SI) From player salaries to practice facilities to shelling out money for planes, hotels, food and beverages, the way NBA teams spend their revenue varies greatly among franchises.

The Old Tiger Woods Is Gone. His Replacement Is Doing Fine (NYT) His breakthrough victory could have multiple ripple effects for golf.

Everyone really, really hates the NFL’s roughing the passer calls. Especially Clay Matthews (Washington Post) This is now officially ridiculous and fans and analysts are calling for a change.

Are Jimmy Garoppolo and DeShaun Watson One-Hit-Wonders? (Outkick) “I don’t think it is coincidental that Jimmy Garoppolo and DeShaun Watson have started off year 2 as starting quarterbacks with a 1-5 record.” Editor Sends Angry Internal Email After The Athletic Poaches Cavs Beat Writer (CleveScene) Editor blasts The Athletic for raiding his staff: “If they go under, a lot of veteran sports writers will be out of jobs in a suddenly glutted market.”

49er’s SuperBowl Hopes Plummet (Sportsline) After San Fran’s Week 2 win over Detroit, Vegas boosted its odds to 33/1. Now, with Garoppolo finished for the season, odds have dropped to 100/1.

Dak Prescott is Not the Franchise Quarterback for Dallas?


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