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The Daily Outkick: Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The College Football Playoff Picture Just Got Scary for the Big Ten — Again (New York Times) This season, the Big Ten may be more cutthroat than ever. The structure of the playoff — four teams, five power conferences — already guarantees that at least one conference will be left out.

College Football Top 25 Takeaways: September Ends with Irish in Contention (Associated Press) September has done a thorough job of vetting the contenders, especially Saturday night’s two top-10 matchups between Ohio State and Penn State, and Stanford and Notre Dame.

Le’Veon Bell Ending Steelers Madness with Return Date (NYPost) Bell understands his decision to miss games may have lost him some fans and some goodwill. He sees it as a big-picture move.

Jemele Hill Joins The Atlantic (Hollywood Reporter) The Jemele Hill/Michael Smith SC6 pairing wound up being one of the most misguided and mismanaged misadventures in ESPN programming history.

Replacing Ryan Fitzpatrick with Jameis Winston is an “Utter Disaster” (Outkick) “To decide that you only allow Ryan Fitzpatrick to have one bad half — while your defense is giving up six touchdown passes to Mitch Trubisky —  is inconceivable.”

White House Slams ‘Ridiculous’ NYT Report on Kavanaugh’s College Ice-Throwing Incident (Fox News)  The byline for the latest hit piece on Kavanaugh is a woman who stated her opposition to him on July 9.

Destroying Brett Kavanaugh: What Democrats Do When They Think Roe v. Wade is at Stake (WSJ) Brett Kavanaugh is what the Democrats fear most on the courts: an honest judge. Which is why he and his innocent family are being destroyed before our very eyes.

Here Are the 5 Senators Who Will Decide Kavanaugh’s Fate (New York Times) all eyes are on five moderate, and as yet undecided, senators who will either send him to the nation’s highest court or deal a stunning defeat to President Trump and the Republican Party by derailing his nomination.

Here’s The First Hour of ESPN2, Which Aired 25 Years Ago (Big Lead) ESPN actually concentrated on sports before it turned woke.

Bookseller Cancels Clay Travis Book-Signing (Outkick) An independent bookstore in Florida cancelled a scheduled Clay Travis public book-signing because the owner of the store said he disagreed with the opinions in Clay Travis’ book Republicans Buy Sneakers Too. The store owner also mentioned he hasn’t read Clay’s book.

Swinney Monday practice update on Trevor Lawrence (TigerNet) Dabo said the quarterback took every snap at Monday’s practice.

Forecasting the Race for the Senate (538) The latest 538 forecast shows that there is a 72% likelihood that the Republican Party holds on to the U.S. Senate.

‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Hit Season Low As Baltimore Ravens Rip Steelers (Deadline) The game in Pittsburgh on Sunday  saw a bottoming-out in the ratings for the league and the NFL, as the primetime Week 4 matchup drew a 12.3/21 in metered-market results to hit a season low.

Clay Travis Announces College Football Top Ten Rankings (Outkick) Why is Clemson not in my top ten? Because they haven’t been very good.

Dow Rises Nearly 200 Points After the US and Canada Strike a Deal to Replace NAFTA (CNBC) “The market is happy because we’re removing an uncertainty,” said Maris Ogg, president at Tower Bridge Advisors. “It looks like this trade deal will benefit both countries, but I wouldn’t call it a great win for the Trump administration.”

Baker Mayfield’s Never-Say-Die Attitude Has Browns Believing Anything’s Possible ( Hue Jackson believes the vibe is different this year, and that’s in large part because of No. 6.

“Pittsburgh won’t even be in the mix for the playoffs based on how they are playing right now.” (LockItIn)

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