The Daily Outkick: Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Future Of Media: How Fox Will Challenge ESPN And CBS (The Big Lead) Here’s A Hint: They’re Going Big.

‘The Headline Was Bad’: New York Times Amends Front Page On Trump’s Response To Mass Shootings After Backlash (Washington Post) The New York Times weathered intense backlash Monday night for its front-page headline about President Trump’s response to the pair of mass shootings that read: “TRUMP URGES UNITY VS. RACISM.”

Freddie Kitchens: I’ll Fire Any Assistant Who’s An Unnamed Source In The Media (Yahoo! Sports) Browns coach Freddie Kitchens has a stern warning for his assistant coaches: Keep your mouths shut, or lose your job.

New York Times Headline Of Trump’s Remarks On Mass Shootings Ignites Backlash (Fox News) A New York Times headline about President Trump’s remarks on the recent mass shootings drew condemnation online– including some Democratic presidential candidates– and was subsequently changed late Monday.

Most Overrated, Underrated Teams In Coaches Poll (24/7 Sports) Is Nebraska deserving of the noise? We’ve included the Huskers and six other teams in our overrated-underrated look at the early coaches poll.

New York City Businesses Struggle To Keep Up After Minimum Wage Increase (Wall Street Journal) Business owners and leaders say labor costs have forced cuts in jobs and work shifts.

The Jazz Got A Much-Needed Overhaul. But Will It Be Enough? (538) The short answer: Utah definitely looks like a contender, but it also faces a handful of important questions.

Protesters Shout Death Threats Outside Mitch McConnell’s Home (New York Post) Gun-control supporters stood outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home in Kentucky on Sunday night — protesting and hurling death threats at him — while broadcasting on Facebook Live.

The 3 Toughest SEC Teams To Predict This Season (Saturday Down South) Alabama will win the SEC West and most likely the conference championship. At least that’s what Las Vegas, the media and most anyone who has seen the Nick Saban dynasty believes.

Faster Internet Is Coming, But Only For A Few (Axios) Broadband technologies are getting better and faster — but access to them is still concentrated in metro areas and suburbs, leaving vast swaths of the country with marginal service or nothing at all.

Latest Casualty Of M.L.B.’s Changing Ball: Masahiro Tanaka’s Splitter (New York Times) Lower seams on the baseball have forced Tanaka, at age 30, to go back to the drawing board on his signature pitch.

R. Kelly Charged With Prostitution In Minnesota (Variety) R. Kelly has been charged with two counts of prostitution with a person under 18, according to a press conference held in Minneapolis this afternoon.

Watch J.J. Watt Accidentally Break Child’s Bike Before Texans Practice (Bleacher Report) Who could’ve foreseen a children’s bicycle buckling under the weight of a five-time NFL All-Pro?

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