The Daily Outkick: Monday, August 19, 2019

Agent Drew Rosenhaus Responds To Mike Mayock’s Antonio Brown Statement (NBC Sports) “To say that AB is upset about the decision to not let him wear his helmet is accurate, but we’re still processing it and figuring it out.”

Illinois State Senator Apologizes For Mock Trump Assassination Photos At Fundraiser (Fox News) Photos posted by a woman who witnessed the mock assassination on Friday night show supporters of Sen. Martin Sandoval, who represents Illinois’ 11th District — including parts of Chicago — acting out in front of guests

Antonio Brown Claims NFL Helmet Ruling Is An Example Of ‘Super Prejudice’ (For The Win) “Super Prejudice unbelievable!” Brown wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

CEOs Are America’s New Politicians (Axios) The Business Roundtable today made a small, symbolic but significant move: 181 of the nation’s top CEOs agreed that driving shareholder value is no longer their sole business objective.

Vic Fangio Is Bringing His Hometown Vibes To Denver (SI) Those who know the 60-year-old first-time head coach say he is less a man obsessed with reenacting the past as he is someone informed by it, which means that a practice is a study in both contrasts and compromises.

Sports Titles Keep Gamers On Digital Playing Field (Wall Street Journal) Strong start for Madden NFL indicates resilience of decades-old videogame franchises.

Are Tight Ends As Valuable As They Used To Be? (538) 2018 saw both of the two greatest yardage seasons by tight ends in NFL history, but it’s harder to stand out as a great tight end these days.

Ghislaine Maxwell Read My Book At In-N-Out Burger. Then It Sold Out On Amazon. (Washington Post) In the day since the book was mentioned in Maxwell’s allegedly nefarious hands, the book has skyrocketed on Amazon rankings from the torpid depths of the mid-300,000s to a sizzling No. 103.

Tiger Woods’ Season Is Over And Jack Nicklaus’ Career Grand Slam Record Feels Safe Again (The Big Lead) Let me be the first to say Tiger Woods will not catch Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors, and the end of this season proved it.

‘Godfather’ Actor: Cuomo Embarrassed Himself With Fredo Rant (New York Post) “The Godfather” actor Gianni Russo said Cuomo’s father, the late ex-Gov. Mario Cuomo, “would smack him” if he heard the rant.

The Yankees Continue to Dominate. Is That Enough? (New York Times) Despite Sunday’s loss to the Indians, the Yankees are focused on achieving the best record in the regular season and home field advantage in the playoffs.

George RR Martin: ‘Game Of Thrones Finishing Is Freeing, I’m At My Own Pace’ (Variety) The TV series may have reached its conclusion, but with two books to finish as well as a host of spinoff projects, the writer of the novel series that spawned it is busier than ever.

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