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The Daily Outkick: Friday, October 12, 2018

NFL VP Credits Focus on Football Rather than Politics as Reason for Ratings Boost (WSJ) “[Players protesting the national anthem] were conversations that were polarizing around the sport. Now we’re talking around the sport.”

How LSU And Oklahoma Can Still Make The College Football Playoff (538) How can the Tigers and Sooners climb their way back toward the top?

Clay Travis Interviews India’s Most Famous Man-Eating Tiger Hunter (Fox Sports) Clay’s interview with the most famous tiger hunter in India who is currently attempting to kill a man-eating tiger that has killed 14 people.

Kanye West Defends His Backing of Trump (WSJ) Rapper says the president’s critics fail to recognize Mr. Trump’s bravery

Clay Travis on Kanye West: Freedom of Thought Not Allowed for Celebrities Who Step Outside of ‘Acceptable Opinion’ (Outkick)

Guerrilla, Not Gorilla, Warfare: Fired Tennis Analyst Who Nearly Died to Have His Day in Court (Roar) As sports columnist Clay Travis pointed out, how is it that Steve Harvey can come on ESPN and compare a team, predominantly made up of African-Americans, to gorillas and nobody takes any notice?

Officiating Situation in USC-Washington State Game is Latest Black Eye for Pac-12 (LA Times) The Pac-12 Conference, which has a long history of missteps when it comes to officiating football and basketball games, was left reeling Thursday from yet another embarrassment.

Odell Beckham Jr. Heads to Locker Room Before End of 1st Half With Offense on the Field (Big Lead) Odell Beckham Jr. walked off the field just before halftime during last night’s game. Why was this a big deal? Well, his team’s offense was still on the field.

Kavanaugh Hearings Will Result in Red Wave in Midterm Elections (Outkick)

Democrats are Playing With Fire (Washington Post) ”But is ethno-nationalist populism effectively fought with intemperate language, lame symbolism and pathetic nostalgia for the summer of ’68? Do Democrats really want to run Eugene McCarthy against Trump?”

Michigan State’s Tom Izzo ends silence on ESPN report, says he ‘didn’t deal with’ Larry Nassar (Sporting News) Michigan State coach Tom Izzo held his tongue and his temper for the better part of eight months. He believed he had been wronged by ESPN.

The state of every SEC fan base entering Week 7 (Saturday Down South) Let’s check in on each SEC school and see how each fan base is feeling heading into Week 7.

Week 6 NFL Confidence Pool: Packers To Eighty-Six 49ers Monday (Outkick) Let’s get back on the saddle and review Week 6 where we rate our most confident straight up pick (15) all the way to our least confident (1).

Despite Social Media Angst, There’s Never Been a Better Time to be an American (Outkick)


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