Clay on Cam Newton to the Patriots: “I love the move”

Clay is in Florida this week and Jason Martin (@JMartRadio) is hosting the show, but with the news of Cam Newton signing with the Patriots on Sunday night, Clay had to call in to discuss.

“I mean, the NFL has got a ton of great storylines and Cam Newton to the Patriots to me is vintage Bill Belichick. You get a potential all-star caliber player, all-pro caliber player in Cam Newton who is still only 31 years old at almost no cost. I feel good about his chances to beat out Jared Stidham and to beat out Brian Hoyer.

“And there’s almost no risk, right? I mean, if Cam is not back healthy, and he doesn’t play very well then the Patriots just let him go and they go back into the draft and maybe they go get in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes or who knows what might happen. Or, Bill Belichick finds another jewel on, you know, sort of the reclaimed toy factory list, right? Somebody that can come out and make a tremendous difference for the New England Patriots in what now appears to be a pretty wide-open AFC East. Do you believe or not in Josh Allen? I still think the verdict is very much out on how Josh Allen is going to do with the Bills. We don’t know about Sam Darnold. You know, can he stay out of mono? He hasn’t really played enough games to be that confident in what he’s going to mean for the Jets. Who’s going to start the majority of the games for the Miami Dolphins? Is it going to be Ryan Fitzpatrick or is it going to be Tua? This is a wide-open division and if Cam Newton could come back, we’re talking about a former NFL MVP, a guy who was good enough to get the Carolina Panthers to 17 and one and a touchdown favorite in the Super Bowl who looked like he was poised to become the face of the NFL. And since that Super Bowl game, he has been thoroughly mediocre, and now he gets to play for the greatest coach in the history of the NFL.

“And we know already what Bill Belichick has done with Jimmy Garoppolo when he was healthy. We know what he’s done with Jacoby Brissett. We know what he’s done with Matt Cassel. I think it’s fair to say, honestly, that Cam has been way more accomplished than any of those three guys and Belichick had a lot of success with all those to say nothing of all the success he’s had with Tom Brady. So, I love this move for the Patriots. I love this move for Cam Newton. It’s very similar, it seems to me, to what Jameis Winston did except the difference is Cam Newton is going to be the starter for the New England Patriots. He’s betting on himself. He’s taking a lot less money than maybe he could have made elsewhere to try to prove that at 31 years old, when let’s be honest, most NFL quarterbacks are really just starting to come into their own, that he’s not washed up that he has a lot left. This is vintage Belichick. I love the move by Cam. I think this is just a splendid decision by the Patriots. And I think it gives them a legitimate chance, and we’ll talk about this maybe at the end of the hour, I think it gives them a legitimate chance if you look at the gambling odds to potentially make a move in the AFC East and win yet another division title just when the Bills, the Jets, and the Dolphins all thought the door was wide open without Tom Brady. Belichick goes out and gets a steal. I love the move.”

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Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael Shamburger is the Video Editor at Outkick. He has 10+ years covering golf and college football, is an LSU fan, and prefers to hit driver-wedge as often as possible. DBAP

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