China Will Love LeBron’s And1 Black Lives Matter Tour

The reboot the NBA has planned for Orlando is a player-driven production brought to you by the executive producer of The Decision, The Shop, Survivor’s Remorse and The Glass Helmet Project.

LeBron James, the architect of some really awful television shows and a goofy video promoting a glass football helmet, will release a summer blockbuster in late July that is sure to be a hit in China.

The And1 Black Lives Matter Tour.

That’s my name for the completion of the 2019-2020 NBA season.

You remember the And1 Mixtape Tour, don’t you? The traveling streetball tournament that featured Hot Sauce, Spyda, Skip to My Lou, The Professor and Emcee Rell. ESPN2 broadcasted 30-minute highlight packages of the games and profile stories of the players. 

The And1 Tour popped in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Then it faded. The legend of the league lives in the minds and hearts of every NBA player in his 30s.  The alleged success of the And1 Tour is why many players believe they could build and run a rival to the NBA.

What’s about to transpire in Orlando is going to be a test run of the idea. 

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has turned the league over to its players. In order to get the players to join the Orlando bubble, Silver apparently has cut two deals: 1) Players can put whatever Black Lives Matter-related word or symbol on the back of their jerseys; 2) The words Black Lives Matter will be painted on the arena floors in Orlando.

NBA games will be 94-feet, divisive political rallies. The players prioritized social media brand building above enticing and pleasing the largest American television audience possible.

This is the true legacy of LeBron James and his partnership with Nike.

The NBA no longer even pretends to care about American sports fans. Working at the behest of its de facto parent company and mentor (Nike), the NBA adopts practices and standards that smear America and please China. 

When your agenda is global, home becomes an afterthought. Nike, a $35-billion-a-year business because of its access to the Chinese market and Asian slave labor, is showing the $8-billion-a-year NBA the benefits of globalization. 

Why would an American sports league wrap itself in a divisive political issue that has sparked rioting, looting, violence and anarchy in its homeland? You can’t honestly believe the NBA is doing this out of the good of its collective heart?

The NBA is a league addicted to analytics, the study of data and trends. You think NBA owners and executives can’t recognize the mathematical fraudulence of the Black Lives Matter Movement? You think Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr can’t process that a cop is 25 times more likely to be killed by a black man than he is to kill a black man? You think no one in the NBA knows that in 2019 the police shot and killed 9 unarmed black men and 19 unarmed white men, according to the Washington Post?

This is all a global money grab. It’s about brokering peace with communist rulers in China in the aftermath of Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey expressing support for freedom fighters in Hong Kong.

The And1 Black Lives Matter Tour is Nike’s, LeBron’s and the NBA’s olive branch to China. Communist-run countries have traditionally painted Western Civilization as the Motherland of anti-black racism. It was the favorite tactic of the old Soviet Union. 

It’s now the preferred tactic of Nike influencers LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick. 

The And1 BLM Tour is the latest example. 

There will be no Hot Sauce, but I do expect a hot mess. The LeBron groupies scattered throughout the NBA are so high on the bigotry anecdotes spread on social media that I expect several ugly confrontations between players and their white (oppressor) coaches and referees.

More seriously, I expect a level of play and organization that will be embarrassing. We’re going to see a bunch of players far more concerned with building a social media following in China than building a fanbase here in America. 

That’s LeBron’s legacy. He exported control of the cultural influence of a game dominated by American black men to communist party rulers in China, a country a thousand times more hostile to black men than America.

Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Hit the nail on the head as usual. Outkick bringing the fire with reasonable, thoughtful pieces instead of woke hot takes. Much needed in today’s society.

  2. Whitlock has nailed every single article he has written since coming aboard.
    For my dawg running the apparel store, I need to get me an Outkick the Coverage Sticker
    for my Yeti Cooler and Can Holder. Please add to store when you can!

  3. Hey Jason,
    Very true what you say about the NBA forgetting its fans, but young kids will always aspire to be like their idols. The rest of us can go scratch I guess is what they’re telling us.
    You’re 100% that it’s a pure money grab. Less than 20 players have signed shoe deals now. Even if 20 becomes 40 by next season, it’s still only a fraction of the league (10-15%).
    The players that are buying into the idea of creating an alternate league can’t see beyond the greenbacks they think are gonna fall from the ceiling like confetti after the Finals. But where’s it gonna come from? There are only a few large market teams. Is the CCP gonna give “right-thinking” players an allowance?
    Totally agree, Jason, it’s gonna be a hot mess. Rucker League at best; more likely just schoolyard stuff with a lot of laughs and smack and very little defense. Thanks, Jason, as always!!!

  4. I really liked the old And1 games but, I’m taking a hard pass on this sh*t show. Won’t even watch out of curiosity. Great work as usual, Whit.

  5. Jason’s timing of moving here was perfect. With the column, can the NBA survive with an almost solely woke audience? I gave up the NBA many years ago because I find it boring, but are there enough dunces to sustain this version of the NBA?

  6. The NBA owners are about to get taken! Do you think the players will depart to form their own league in five years or three; it is going to happen.

  7. NBA was already a chore to watch each season before the Conference Finals, now it’s gonna be a straight up clown show of who can out “woke” the other. Terrible.

  8. Unless the NBA has secretly been playing games for practice, the product itself won’t be good. Not Rusty, just bad. And that assumes they all want to play. And assumes they will play more like competitors and not Like colleagues. It Could be ugly.

    Lebron’s stance on China will come back to haunt him later in life. He will regret siding with oppressors. One day video will surface of what the Chinese do to their people. And LeBron will say what? I’m guilty too. I just checked my underwear 🩲tag; yup … made in China.

    The Chinese ‘Nation’ squashes all dissent. And individual dissenters often disappear for good. Our dissenters can burn police stations in Minnesota until they get IT out of their system, with no consequenceS. They live to dissent again in AMERICA. Not in China!!

    LeBron is on the wrong side of history. He is smart. And talented. And he has chosen the wrong side.

    And he’ll never be as good as Jordan.

  9. I signed up to Outkick because of Jason. He never fails to deliver. Keep telling it like it is. So many of us are tired of living the lie the left has spread in today’s culture. They have managed to ruin Hollywood and most sports.

  10. Great article Jason. I hope the NBA ratings tank, was nice when guys could focus on basketball without a movement getting involved. Must be weird for young kids watching and seeing these marxist slogans, innocence is lost. the commissioner is no where close to david stern. Try not to watch so basketball can be fun again

  11. LeBron James is a hypocritical joke. I, personally, am all for Black Lives Mattering, but am absolutely anti BLM. They’re a Marxist/Extortion/Hate group who cares nothing about black lives, only power and money. I’m 54 years old and have been an avid sports fan since I was old enough to walk. I will no longer watch or follow the NBA anymore. I will also stop watching the NFL. I’ll keep up with NFL scores because I still love the sport, but all the politicizing has turned me off to watching.

  12. Spot on Jason again black lives is a communist group I read the manifesto. I do believe there are racial disparities in our country. I believe there more on the economic side .How many black people does Nike employee. That’s my question. How about more black sport commentators and writer. Like when you ask Mike Florio he had no answer. WHEN you challenged LeBron James to ask Nike to bring manufacturing to the USA .. Jobs mean hope for all Americans black or white. I know I work in a steel mill for 38 year.Be for they when out of business do the foreign imports. The NBA PLAYERS must know that the Chinese communist Gov his over a million Muslims in concentration camps .People in Taiwan will be put in jail for life for protesting .And China exported this virus to US witch has killed over 100,000 Americans witch many are black. For NBA PLAYER and Owners to a line them sleeves China is just a money grab . It makes a mockery of this whole social justice warrior movement. Lets remember Basketball is truly and American sport.

  13. I used to love the NBA of the 1980s, 1990s, and the 2000s. It used to be a game played by men. It was competition among men. It was fun and entertaining—it was fantastic.

    Now it’s played by coddled children who espouse far-left politics. I don’t care about the NBA anymore.

  14. Jason, you joining Clay pushed me over the edge to put up my $99 to become a VIP. A voice of sanity in an increasing culture hostile to true free speech. Thank you and you are spot on about LeBron and Nike. Any chance China or others who push for the downfall of America are actually funding divisive organizations like BLM for the express purpose of tearing us apart from within?

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